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      Hitachi High Resolution Inspection System

      Product introduction

      The HR-series High resolution inspection system was developed by Hitachi company in 2002, integrating many exclusively developed technique of Hitachi. It realizes accurate inspection by its super-high speed, high accurate image and stable operation, meeting the demands of strict quality standards of pharmaceutical companies.

      Applicable products

      Ampules, Vials, Oral Liquid Bottles, Infusion Bottles, Eye Drop Bottles, Cartridges, Prefilled Syringes

      Detail drawing
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      Inspection items

      Product features


      ? Fast infeed with supply booster(up to 600pcs/min)

      ? Sensors monitoring containers fall down

      ? Automatic control of infeed speed, monitoring amount of containers

       (residual quantity)

      (2)Inspection rotor

      ? Inspection accuracy with high resolution area sensor

      ? Dual optical system to detect black and white particles

      ? Short flash strobe lighting to inspect amber colored products

      ? Accurate and various spin control with direct spin motor

      ? Precise oscillating technology

      (3)Sorting part

      ? Transport for stable sorting(No vacuum mechanism)

      ? Accurately countinginspected containers

      ? Sorting containers by the inspection result(accepted, rejected,uninspected)

      Ampule Packaging Line