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      Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher

      Product introduction

      Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher is applied for the exhaustive weighing test of highly active capsules, which is able to check 23 million capsules per hour in the industry’s highest weight accuracy of ±0.5 milligram. 3 rejection gates of the machine remove overweight、underweight and defective products and 1 gate remain accepted products. Moreover, the follow-up validation can be carried out.

      Applicable products

      Capsules No.000 to 5

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      Product features

      (1)Best weighing solution for capsules containing active pharmaceutical ingredients

      Slight variances in active pharmaceutical ingredients can have a large impact on a drug's efficacy.

      Anritsu's force balance weighing technology provides the industry's highest weight accuracy of +/- 0.5mg, meeting even the most stringent standards for capsules containing high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients.

      Force Balance Load Cell

      For over 50 years, Anritsu has proudly developed and manufactured load cells in-house.

      Our advanced force balance load cell achieves ultra-precise weighing

      all while maintaining a compact size well suited for pharmaceutical


      (2)Stable and reliable feeding of semi-locked capsules - Achieved

      Our unique capsule handling technology eliminates empty capsules from bouncing and provides stable feeding throughout

      the inspection process.

      Minimizing product vibration is critical for high accuracy weighing. Accurately weighing empty capsules can also improve the 

      reliablility of clinical trails and new drug testing.


      Capsules in the magazine are fed by the shutter individually. The 

      capsule holding unit minimizes any vibration generated from the

      impact of the drop from the magazine. The capsule is then fed

      onto the weigh table.

      (3)Every capsule in the system is monitored and tracked

      Three rejection gates remove all defective products.


      (4)High precision weighing - made easy

      1. At a galance complete line monitoring.

      2. Large, intuitive touch screen GUI provides fast evalution of production trends.