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      VISWILL Tablet & Capsule Visual Inspection System

      Product introduction

      The many impressive features of this system include high-precision inspection 3D, color cameras and Improved emboss/printing inspection, stable tablet transfer via soft handling technology, tablet type changeover using automatic setups, and ease of disassembly to enhance cleaning efficiency.

      Applicable products

      Tvis-ns: tablets (plain tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, one-sided / double-sided printing, with Secant and engraved tablets) T / cvis-ns: tablets (plain tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, one-sided / double-sided printing · secant · engraving tablets) capsules (single color or 2-color hard capsules, printed capsules)

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      Product features

      3D inspection:the new era of visual inspection

      • Rejection of coating defect

      Shape characteristics of tabletsurfaces captured in 3D images.

      • Inspection for face chipping of spotted tablet

      No influence from tablet surface pattern.

      • Comparison with  concentional ring lighting

      Only characteristics of emboss and chipped tablets are captured.

      Make accurate color inspection possible with color camera

      Color cameras with highly precise color resolution readily detect color defects based on the accurate 

      feature extraction.

      Improved  emboss/printing inspection 

      Each character inspection with our own algorisms enables to reject mainly for emboss/printing defects