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      Anritsu Belt Checkweigher

      Product introduction

      The company’s belt checkweigher have been in widely use in the world since 1965. It achieves interworking with other filling and packing machine apart from its industry-leading weighing performance. The data of the system can be recorded so as to facilitate HACCP and GMP certification. At present, wider product range is served with customers.

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      Product features

      1. Accurate

      EWith accuracy as low as ±0.01g, quoted at 3σ at speeds up to 600 products/min, the SSV delivers top performance and productivity.

      2. Reliable

      With eight generations and 90,000 installations worldwide since 1964, Anritsu checkweighers are engineered for decades of dependable use.

      3. Fully Featured

      Anritsu checkweighers include easy-to-use touch screens, USB, Ethernet, programmable I/O, full statistics, and autolearn wizard. 

      4. Compact Footprint

      Checkweighers start at just 545mm (21.5 inches) long, perfect for lines that are tight on space.

      PTP Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Line