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      Kawagoe Kikai Tablet Counting Machine

      Product introduction

      Kawagoe Kikai Tablet Counting Machine adopts Japanese advanced technology, equipped with dual detection sensors to accurately count all kinds of tablets / capsules products, achieving 100% zero error.

      Applicable products

      Tablets (plain tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules and other products

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      Overview products

      (1)Dual detection sensor

      Equipped with dual detection sensors, through the fall interval management and several grain gate operation time management to push the gate correctly.

      (2)Automatic discharge of defective products

      In case of defective grains or operation of safety device, discharge the products in grains and only fill the good ones after counting grains again.

      (3)200 varieties registered

      Various parameter classes can log in to each product.

      Product features

      (1) Accurate counting of target products by dual sensors.

      (2) Through the control of timing gate, filling step by step, greatly improving the filling speed.

      (3) Up to 200 kinds of varieties can be registered, and the parameters can be called out with one key.

      (4) The components of drug falling channel are made of resin to minimize the damage to drugs.

      (5) In case of bad counting, the product will be automatically discharged, that is, the filled products are good products.

      (6) The splicing part (hopper, guide plate, bin, filling port, etc.) is of one key structure, which can be disassembled and washed without using tools.

      Capsule /Tablet Bottling Line