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      ADVANTEST terahertz analyzer

      Product introduction

      The TAS7500 series of high-speed, multifunctional analysis systems that perform spectroscopy and imaging by utilizing terahertz (THz) waves. Featuring easy operation and high-speed analysis, the systems enable non-destructive analysis of chemical samples, industrial products, materials for advanced communications and other substances, without complicated operation, as required by older terahertz analysis equipment. Utilizing Advantest’s high-performance sampling detection technology, the TAS7500 series is ideally suited not only for routine analysis, but also for use in R&D projects thus extending the practical use of terahertz technology.

      Applicable products

      Chemicals, reagents, tablets and other industrial raw materials (solid, powder and liquid)

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      Product features

      • High-speed measurement functionality

      • Compact, desktop form factor

      • One-touch terahertz spectroscopic analysis in a range of instruments covering frequencies from 0.03 — 7 THz

      • Multiple spectroscopic analysis modes—transmission, reflectance, ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection), and polarization—enable the analysis of a wide variety of materials

      • Imaging and analysis of internal sample structures, thickness, and density

      • External dry air purge unit eliminates atmospheric moisture interferences

      Product lineup