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      Believing in our business philosophy to pursue the highest quality and to deliver value to customers, we focus our attention to efficient technical supports and customer services.

      Field Service

      Well-trained engineers and technicians provide on-site support to minimize downtimes.

      Remote Service

      Our experts provide fast and efficient service support to minimize unexpected downtime in the event of unplanned machine breakdown.

      Periodic Maintenance

      In the warranty period, we will provide FREE periodic maintenance to find potential hazard and accident of machine in time which ensure steady and high efficiency production.

      Spare Parts

      With abundant domestic inventory, we provide comprehensive support for your spare parts management and machine maintenance.


      Our modernization services range from software updates to technical upgrades for improved performance and high output of your machinery.


      We support our clients in services including Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) , Performance Qualification (PQ) and maximal computer systems (Computer Systems Validation).


      With the comprehensive product and technical training services, we help your employees to acquire the knowledge of operation and routine maintenance swiftly.